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Meet Susan:

My mission in life is to shine light and love into the world. I am passionate about empowering people of all ages to embrace their inner strength and discover their intrinsic value. I lead individuals into harnessing their inner potential by giving them the skills they need to feel the difference between merely existing and living the life of their dreams.


Our lives are filled with many obstacles and challenges. We feel that things are happening to us...but what if things are happening for us? What if we had the power to turn our biggest obstacles into our greatest gifts? What if our thoughts became things? What if we are able to create the life of our dreams? I’m here to tell you from my own personal experience that all of this is possible.


During my life I have faced many obstacles including; life-challenging health diagnoses, financial ruin, and the ending of my 14 year marriage. I found myself utterly shattered, hopeless and trying to climb out of the hole I was stuck in. At the time, these experiences were devastating and felt overwhelming. Using the skills I acquired from workshops, trainings and books, I embarked on an inward journey of  healing and growth. This was one of the most profound and transformative experiences that would shape my life’s course and influence the direction of my entire purpose, as well as my servitude towards others. My life is a testament to the fact that this stuff really works! I’m excited to share these life-changing tools with you.

I am a certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer®, a certified I Believe In Me Trainer®, a Karuna and Usui Reiki Master, and an Intuitive and Healing Consultant. I am a writer, public speaker, educator and advocate. I have also worked supporting and empowering adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities for over 27 years.

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