Discover Your Inner Potential

with Susan Thurston

“Our lives are filled with many obstacles and challenges. We feel that things are happening to us...but what if things are happening for us? What if we had the power to turn our biggest obstacles into our greatest gifts? What if our thoughts became things? What if we are able to create the life of our dreams? I are here to tell you from my own personal experience that all of this is possible!”

Create The Life Of Your Dreams

Are You Searching For:

More Joy

Finding Your Soul's Purpose

Friends and Laughter

A Fulfilling Career

Health and Happiness

Romance and Love

More Energy

Wealth and Abundance

A Sense of Peace and Gratitude


Positive Self-Esteem




Participate in an interactive workshop experience catered specifically to supporting you to achieve your personal goals. A variety of workshops are held virtually and in-person throughout the year. Click the links below for more information.

This is your opportunity to dive deeper into unlocking the obstacles that are preventing you from living the life that you desire. These unique sessions are tailored for you individually and support you to achieve the goals you've outlined in the workshops. We will work together to create strategies that can assist you in staying on your path, staying focused on your goals and working toward unlocking your true potential. Click the link below for more information.

These One-on-One sessions utilize a combination of Reiki, Energy Healing and Intuitive Techniques to help you with deeper energetic shifts to support the life changes you are looking for. Click the link below for more information.